Donate your Aeroplan Miles

West Island Community Shares is pleased to announce that we are participating in Aeroplan's Beyond Miles Program. You can now donate your Aeroplan miles to West Island Community Shares, which we can then redeem for travel, car rental, or hotel stays. The donated Aeroplan Miles may also be exchanged for merchandise.  All to be used as prizes in our fundraising activities and in our event auctions.

There is no charge for donating miles; however, a minimum donation of 1000 Aeroplan Miles is required. You are not eligible for a tax receipt when donating Aeroplan Miles.

Also, the Executives at Presse Commerce/Multimags will be matching your donation of miles up to 1 million miles!

Donating your points is easy and fast! Follow these three steps:

*If the link to the West Island Community Shares page doesn't work, simply:

If you are a CIBC AVENTURA, an AMERICAN EXPRESS or Club Rewards DINNERS CLUB card holder, you can transfer your points to Aeroplan miles and then donate them.

Another way you can make a difference: Use your credit card points to purchase gift cards and donate the cards.

You may also use your credit card points to purchase gift cards for West Island Community Shares. This document shows the bank cards eligible for rewards, and the list of gift cards most useful to West Island Community Shares. These gift cards will be used to defer costs, and purchase merchandise for auctions or prizes at fundraising events. Upon donation of the gift card, you will be eligible for a tax receipt.



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