In Memoriam Gift

Make a gift in memory of a loved one

A gift in memory of a loved one is a lasting and meaningful tribute. Families may request that relatives and friends express their sympathy by making an In Memoriam donation to West Island Community Shares.

When you make an In Memoriam donation, Community Shares informs the family by sending them a letter.  The amount of your donation is generally kept confidential.

CLICK HERE to make an In Memoriam donation.

CLICK HERE to download the In Memoriam donation form if you wish to mail it in or send it to us by fax at (514) 695-6551. In order to obtain more information, please contact us at (514) 695-8694 ext 103 or

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24-Hour Challenge - Live Here, Give Here Day!

Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2017
We have 24 hours to raise $80,000 to meet our annual fundraising goal!

We are only $45,000 away from our fundraising goal of $1.2 million! On March 22nd, we'll be racing against the clock to close the gap. Donations will be matched - so please donate! Check out our Events Page too to see how West Island businesses are helping with special promotions on March 22nd.

100% of your donation will go to 40 local community groups that help West Islanders in need your donation will be matched. On March 22nd, please donate - thank you!

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